If you were a member of education.com the first year you started teaching, your life would have been so much easier. From lesson plans, worksheets, games, activities, worksheet creator, a community of teachers… you name it education.com has it.



education.com has over 30,000 printable and digital learning resources that you can use in your classroom. These include

  •      Worksheets
  •      Workbooks
  •      Games
  •      Activities
  •      Exercises
  •      Craft ideas
  •      Science projects
  •      Read along stories
  •      Catchy songs
  •      And more

Use the Worksheet Generator to create and personalize your own worksheets. Choose from dozens of templates including word search, crossword puzzle, spelling list, and math facts.

Each resource is searchable by type, grade, subject and specific skill. You can download text resources as PDFs, save to Google Drive, create and share collections, and more!



There are over 1,000 detailed classroom lesson plans for all grades and subjects. Each lesson plan contains PDF attachments, PowerPoint slides, links to YouTube videos, ideas for differentiated learning and more.



Many topics follow a step-by-step digital lesson that caters to the core curriculum from pre-school through 5th grade covering a wide variety of topics in math, reading, and writing skills.



Your students can log in with a simple Classroom Access Code and have fun with the online games and guided lessons.

Teachers can track the progress of each student getting detailed reporting for your entire classroom.



It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, once you have an active membership, you have access to all the resources available on the website. Once you become a member or subscriber, you can immediately start downloading worksheets and workbooks and have access to all the other resources.  There is a free option that gives you limited access to worksheets as well as a membership upgrade that gives you unlimited assess to the resources with a monthly, annual and lifetime access available from the website.



Since this is a US-based website, activities are based on the US curriculum.If you teach in the Caribbean or most places outside of the US, you will notice the difference in the US’s common core curriculum and your local curriculum. Some common differences have to do with:

  • Currency and money related activities
  •  Social Studies concepts such as
    • National heroes/notable persons
    • Seasons
    • National landmarks
    • Major cities
  • British vs American spelling
  • Units of measurement such as
    • Fahrenheit
    • Non-metric units

Despite these limitations, the website is still worth your time. It will save you a lot of time when planning lessons and finding resources for your classroom.

Here are some other useful resources you can use in your classroom.

Do you use education.com? Let us know in the comments and tell us your favourite things about this site.