Our Story

When Julia Barnes asked a group of teachers “What were some of the different websites and apps that they use in their classroom?”, the number one response in a group of over 400 teachers, was Youtube. In her experience as a teacher, she found that teachers, in general, are not very savvy with technology. If Youtube is the best resource that the average teacher can think to use in this technology-driven era, then we are extremely backward in how we facilitate education.

Julia was always the ‘techie’ among her colleagues; the go-to person when there was any problem with a computer or any technology device. As a result, she saw first hand the shortcomings with the use, misuse and lack of use of appropriate technology in the classroom from the teacher training institutions to the classroom level.

Julia saw how her own students got excited whenever homework and in-class activities were given on the computer. The kids even competed to explore the latest apps that were downloaded for them on her personal tablet. CTtech was started out of a vision to help teachers feel more confident and competent in using digital tools to complement and enhance the learning experience for children. The movement seeks to help teachers to make the teaching and learning experience more engaging and exciting as it has become for her.

About Julia

I’ve always known that I wanted to become a teacher so going to teachers’ college was a natural progression for me in life. After a few years teaching high school, I realized that I loved the early childhood level a lot more. It was so much more fun; it kept me young. So I headed off to college to get certified and ended up graduating valedictorian for my diploma and with 1st class honours for my bachelor’s degree.

After teaching myself how to use a computer many years prior, I found myself again exploring another avenue of technology during college. I shared valuable tips and tricks with my colleagues. Eventually, I started researching how to get more value out of the internet than just Google search and social media. That search led me to a whole new world of education technology and online business.

I became too excited.

Every assignment and every practicum experience was another opportunity for me to showcase my tech skills. As I got closer to graduation, I just knew that this was my new found love.

Armed as a certified Early Childhood Education teacher, I  landed a new teaching job where I seized every opportunity to incorporate educational technology tools in my lessons. The kids loved it. The parents were eagerly impressed.

Today, I am a teacher trainer specializing in equipping teachers with the knowledge and technical skills they need to effectively incorporate appropriate technology tool into their lessons. Learn more about how you can work with Julia HERE.