We all have those days when we just want to hang out and do nothing with the kids- but we can’t. Art and Craft is a really good idea when you feel like you’re having one of those days. To help you get started, here’s a list of my favourite YouTube channels to teach your child to draw and colour.

Take a look at our first project together using a YouTube draw tutorial. [I did the drawing, he did the colouring.]


The criteria for selecting these channels were simple,

  • they are channels that we use and love
  • they provide clear instructions for kids to follow along
  • they drawings are clear
  • the drawings are simple enough for beginner artists at any age
  • videos are short (average 3 to 10+ minutes)
  • they have a wide variety of drawings
  • where applicable, the voiceover is engaging

8 Best YouTube Channels to Teach Your Child to Draw


Super Simple Draw

Super Simple Draw is one of my all-time favourites. The Super Simple team has never disappointed with the exceptional quality videos that they produce. They have a wide variety of engaging pictures to draw and colour for almost every season and every occasion.



Kids Drawings with Mr. Z

Kids Drawings with Mr. Z gets an ‘A’ for all the criteria. The videos are less than 5 minutes long and with 33 videos, you will have lots to draw with your kids.



Colors Fun Draw For Kid

Colors Fun Draw For Kid is filled with pretty little things like candy, Easter eggs, cute little elephants, bows and other fun things your kids will love. The drawings are very simple and you can follow the drawing hand from start to finish. The short, 3-minute tutorials are perfect for your little toddlers.


Art for Kids Hub

Art for Kids Hub is just amazing! Dad and the kids make a drawing look so easy and fun. The simpler drawing videos are less than 10 minutes long but you still can engage your older kids with more intricate drawings for longer periods of time.



Drawing 4 Kids | How to Draw

You are going to love Drawing 4 Kids | How to Draw if you and your kids love cartoons and emojis. It boasts step by step tutorials that are published weekly. The instructions are clear and with videos ranging from 3 minutes to 12 minutes at most. You and your kids will never be bored.


Drawing for Kids – Animals TV

Drawing for Kids – Animals TV as you could probably guess – is all about animals! It has drawings of all kinds of different animals. The channel gets straight to the point with the drawing and colouring tutorials. You can rock to the tune of popular kids songs as you watch the lines ‘appear’ on the screen to make the final picture. The zoom-in feature is one of my favourites during colouring.


My Coloring Kids

My Coloring Kids is not just about colouring. It hosts simple pictures that are easy to replicate as you follow the drawing hand the on screen. There is no voiceover on these videos but catchy kids songs as the drawing hand moves across the page. You may need to reduce the playback speed on this one to stay on track with the artist.



Draw To Learn

With most videos 10 minutes or more Draw To Learn channel will keep your kids engaged for a long period of time. Not only will you learn to draw and colour, but you will also learn a lot about the images that you are drawing. The host tells stories about each picture as he draws. Get ready to learn while you draw with these tutorials.



What are your favourite YouTube channels to teach your child to draw? Share them in the comments.